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Thank you for tuning in to Muse Channel.

The Necessities:

1. Whilst muse_channel is modeled off all the other muse prompt communities out there, we are not in any way affiliated with them (except, you know, where we are affiliates with them).

2. This is not a first come, first serve community. All applications will be run through the moderators and the decision will be made within a week. Should your application be turned down, you will be informed of the reasons why and, should you wish to and should the muse still be available, you may reapply again. We reserve the right to do this.

3. This community is open to all fandoms: TV, movie, comic and book. At the present time, Real Person muses will not be accepted.

4. This community will not accept multiples. Should the muse you’d like be taken, we have a waitlist system in place. If you comment on this entry, we will email everyone who has expressed interest in the character should the muse become available. You will then be given a week to complete and send in your application.

5. Original characters will be accepted provided their application is satisfactory. We will run the application, first and foremost, through the Mary Sue Litmus Test, after which we will consider any holes in the backstory. If you’d like an original character, you’re going to have to work for it. We reserve the right to ask any further information from you regarding your characters should we feel we need it.

6. Any fandom-related OCs whose backstory includes any other characters already within the community or within canon, must get the go-ahead from those characters before submitting your application. The muns of all relevant characters must contact one of the moderators to ensure us that this is the case.

7. Roleplaying with the muses is encouraged but not expected, and does not count towards the activity of your muse within the community. These roleplays will also not be moderated; however, should any problems arise, please contact the moderators.

8. No flaming, OOC drama or any nastiness will be tolerated. Should there by any problems, please contact the moderators.

9. You are allowed up to a maximum of five muses with the understanding that you are able to keep update them regularly and keep them active.

The Rules:

1. To remain active, you must update bi-monthly; one prompt every two months in other words. If you fall behind, you will receive a PM warning from the mods, three strikes and you're out.

2. Posts are to be a minimum of 150 words.

3. All posts must include the name of the muse, its fandom and the word count. For example:

Muse: Hermione Granger
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 234

4. All posts must also contain, somewhere, the topic to which you’re replying.

5. All posts rated above R or NC17 must contain the appropriate warnings and be placed behind an LJ-cut.

6. Any spoilers, especially for those writing muses for TV shows currently airing where the newest season has now started, must be placed behind an LJ-cut and contain the appropriate warnings.

7. Canon characters are not allowed to use roleplay in their topic responses. For example, if your characters are not canonically married but they are within the roleplay you have been playing in, you are not permitted to write a response about their marriage. This is especially important for interaction between fandoms. You can, however, write in conjuction with another writer with a muse in the same fandom

8. Posts to the community above 150 words must be placed behind an LJ-cut.

9. All muses must use the tags provided when posting to the community. We will moderate using these tags so please don’t forget. We’d also advise that you keep your muse journal’s memories updated as well.

In case of inactivity:

If your muse falls behind, these are the steps we will take:

1. Email you with a warning.
2. If your muse does not update within a week, we will then warn you via IM.
3. After a period of five days, you will be sent a final warning email.
4. If you have not replied to a topic three days after the email is sent out, your muse will be removed from the community and an email will be sent to inform you of such.

Other important things:

1. The profile of your muse journal must contain all standard disclaimers. For example:

Disclaimer: This journal is part of muse_channel. Hermione Granger and Harry Potter are the property of JK Rowling and Warner Brothers. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

2. The community is primarily an anonymous community, but if you do want to communicate with your fellow writers then please apply a sticky note to your character's journal so that others can get in touch.

3. When applying for your muse, please put “Begin Broadcasting” as the subject of the email so that we know you’ve read the rules. Applications without this subject line will not be considered.

How this works:

1. Prompts will be posted once a week on Wednesdays. There will be a choice of one question, one quote, one picture and one word.

2. Muse responses will be archived in the Memories of the community for future references.

3. Once the application is sent, the moderators will consider it and give you a reply within a week. Do not hassle us unless you don’t hear from us within seven days. Please be patient.

4. Suggestions for topics are welcomed and should be directed to this post.

5. Please email us should you wish to affiliate.

How to apply:

1. Check that your muse is not taken by going to the list of taken muses.

2. If you wish to apply for a muse but don’t yet have the time, you may put that muse on hold by commenting on the hold list post. Muses will be held for two weeks, after which they will be released again. Remember, however, that that does not mean no one else can apply for the muse during that time. It simply means that we will not make a decision until we have received your application or the two weeks is up.

2. Fill out the appropriate application form:

Canon Characters
Original Characters

3. Email the application to muse[dot]channel[at]googlemail[dot]com

4. Wait very patiently.

5. Once accepted, you will receive an email to say that your application has been successful. If you hadn’t provided a journal for the muse, we will ask you for the journal name, after which the invites from the communities will be sent to you. Accept the invitations to muse_channel and mc_standby (the OOC community), and friend mc_broadcast.

6. Let the muse introduce him/herself on mc_standby.

Our promise to you:

We’ll try to do our best to be as objective as humanly possible. Preference will never be given to anyone on the basis of anything but their writing and characterisation and rule bending will never occur under any circumstances. Should problems which would affect the whole community arise, we will bring it to your attention and let you all help us decide. There will be absolutely no god-modding or abuse of power on this community.

Your promise to us:

To act like the reasonable adults we all are. If anything goes wrong, talk about it – with each other or with us – like reasonable adults. That usually helps to clear up any misunderstanding before it gets out of control. Keep this place drama free so that everyone will be happy here.


Moderator contacts:


Personal Journal: estel_willow
Email: willow1609[at]gmail[dot]com
AIM: estelwillow


Personal Journal: mands_angelfox
Email: miranda[dot]adelsberg[at]gmail[dot]com
AIM: mandsangelfox